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More than 30 years The Oldtimer has been busy with Harley's from 1937 till now. In 1973 he started to restore a WLC 1942. Parts were found all over the world: Indonesia, Greece, Portugal, the rest of Europe and the USA. Also in Holland many parts were found.

With these parts several Harley's were restored. In 1975 selling parts to others began to start, mostly parts for the 45 cu.in.

In the beginning of the '80s other types of Harley found there way to The Oldtimers house: Knuckles, Panheads and Shovels. All these were treated with the same dedication as the Flatheads. After a while there was no space left, so in 1987 a building was bought. The shop got the name The Oldtimer. Why? Because all Harley's become oldtimers!

Selling parts, restoring, overhauls and so on went to a higher level. Evo's, high performance engines and parts for these found there way into The Oldtimers shop. And again there wasn't enough space.

In 1996 a new building was built, located at the Hoofdweg 227 in Paterswolde, in the north of Holland. More special tools and machines were bought to make shure the job would be done right. Also the Twin Cam found its way to the Oldtimers door.

After all these years of hard work The Oldtimer may say he is specialized in Harley's from 1937 till now.

“Harley’s never die, they become Oldtimers!"

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